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Smile Design

Smile Design in India

Smile Design Cosmetic solutions with porcelain veneers and metal free crowns

With so much media coverage on cosmetic dentistry as seen on Extreme Makeover and The Swan, people are more aware of solutions they may not have been aware of just a few years ago.  Some of the solutions may include Zoom! in-office whitening, gum contouring, metal free crowns and porcelain veneers.

Every Smile Design is unique to each patient. In today's modern dentistry, one size does not fit all.  Our Smile Design begins with a consultation with Dr. Anshu. She wants to understand how you see your smile now and what you want to achieve with your smile design and what kind of budget you have in mind.  

A Smile Design is a great way to improve your appearance, boost your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. If you tend to hide your mouth or cover your smile because you're embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, consider a fresh smile as a way of improving yourself.

What is a Smile Design?

A Smile Design is our way of packaging the services that allow us to look at each person�s unique dental needs and take the steps to give you the best smile possible. The results are often dramatic and life-changing.

Who can benefit from a Smile Design:

Smile. No, really smile. Ask yourself what do you see? Are your teeth chipped, discolored, or crooked? Are you embarrassed to smile?

Smile Design maybe a solution to correct:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Mis-shapen teeth

  • Discolored or stained teeth

  • Teeth that are too small or large

  • Unwanted or uneven spaces

  • Worn or chipped teeth

The next step, if you decide that you are ready to get started, is to

create the blueprint for your Smile Design. To create your unique Smile

Design, Dr. Anshu will take digital pictures and diagnostic study models.

The photos are used to assess the smile line and the relationship of

the smile with facial features.  We also assess the color composition of

the teeth and the texture of teeth.  The study models are used to

prepare a wax up. This is the blueprint for the Smile Design.

We determine and register how your teeth meet in function and chewing. This will help us to avoid any interference in the final Smile Design that could prove disastrous. We must determine how your jaw aligned with your skull, for instance, is the upper jaw at a slant in relation to the rest of the face? This way we can avoid having teeth longer on one side and shorter on the other. All of this information is communicated with the ceramist who will use the blueprint Dr. Anshu has created to duplicate your permanent porcelain restorations. The ceramist technician is so important that we have contracted with one of the best in the world.

The crowning touch in most cases is gum contouring . It allows Dr. Anshu to contour the gum line to create longer teeth with proper gum symmetry.

View before and after examples

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Factors that influence the smile design are:

  1. Your facial shape. For example, a long face may need to accentuate width to appear more oval. Someone with attractive features in the center of the face may need bold central incisors to draw attention to that center.

  2. Your image aspirations. How do you want to appear to others? A sophisticated smile gives the appearance of more intelligence, maturity and judgment. A sexy smile gives the appearance of more warmth, energy and boldness.

  3. Your age, or how old you want to appear. Longer central incisors make you appear younger. Also, whiter teeth make you appear younger. Conversely, a flatter smile or a more subdued color to the teeth make you appear more mature.

With your smile design consultation, an expert cosmetic dentist will go over all of these factors. He or she may have you pick a smile from a book of photographs of smiles. Ultimately, you have to be the one who is happy with your smile.

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