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Client Testimonials

Our trip to India from USA was successful. We are very happy with the dental treatment we got from Dr. Anshu. "The thing that struck me the most about Dr. Anshu and her practice is the professionalism and the courtesy of the staff and their obvious desire to put you at much at ease as is possible. They will bend over backwards to make one comfortable and ease their fears and just be very, very sensitive to all the little things that patients who are terrified do. They are aware of them and really try to alleviate their fears and the obvious suffering that is going on."

Mr John Kaufman. - Alaska - USA - April 2011

Mr. Michael- Brisbane, Australia, October 2011

Ms. Andrea - Australia - December 2010

Igla - Ireland, November 2010

Marion- New Zealand - April 2010

Mr Ken - USA - March 2010

Mr Barclay - Liberia - December 2010

Mr Singh - Atlanta , GA - USA - April 2009

Mrs Harris Khurana- London, UK - October 2009

"I really appreciated the world class dental care I received at Advanced Dental Care Center. The staff here is very friendly. They really care about you and they want to make sure you are comfortable. I am glad I got my treatment from Dr. Anshu during my visit to India from Australia.

I am very happy with the dental implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures that I have receieved at Dr Anshu's clinic. She manages a team of very talented and qualified class dental surgeons and specialists that listen to you and care for you. I would highly recommend Dr. Anshu for advanced dental treatment needs.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the international level of technology, training and dental treatment options available with Dr. Anshu. I am happy that I was able to get dental treatment from Dr. Anshu during my visit to India from UK.


I recently completed my dental treatment from Dr Anshu during one of my family visits to Chandigarh, India from USA. She completed the extensive treatment plan in a short period of time taking into account the short time available to me. After the completion of treatment, I was unable to visually distinguish between my original teeth and the new tooth that Dr Anshu put in my mouth!! I have visited numerous dental clinics in US for my dental treatment and I can say that Dr Anshu's dental clinic is one of the best I have ever been to. The staff is well educated, helpful and willing to work with you. I would recommend anyone visiting Chandigarh to contact her to take advantage of the excellent dental treatment available at her practice.


"Dr. Anshu was impressive in her care from the beginning to the end of the procedure. She is very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest techniques and technology. Her staff was warm and caring and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. My porcelain veneers are beautiful and have given me the confidence to smile more often. Dr. Anshu sat down with me and went over the entire plan, answering all of my questions, and then executed the plan in a very painless way. Thank you Dr. Anshu!"

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“I travelled all the way from USA to get dental treatment done from Dr. Anshu and I have found this dental practice to be one of the best compared to what I have seen USA. I was able to get quick appointments and world class dental treatment. All the procedures were explained to me thoroughly using video aids and the dentists here are well trained. I'm delighted with the results. With many thanks to Dr Anshu and staff.


"Thank you very much for seeing me today. You are such a kind person who really listens to his patients. It meant the world to me. Your office staff couldn't be any nicer. You are all terrific! I will always remember how nice and caring all of you have been to me."


"you are the dream smile maker of the century, my new smile is better than I ever expected. When you put the mirror in front of me to show me my new smile, I knew my life would be forever changed". I visited Dr. Anshu during my visit to India. Her attention to detail and her great bedside manor make going to the dentist an almost fun experience. On top of that her facility is state of the art with top of the line dental equipment, sterlization procedures and entertainment facilities seemingly everywhere. I was pleased to find world-class dentists and facilities in India that provided very affordable dental treatment to me. I would recommend Dr. Anshu to anyone.

sweden meagan small.jpg

Dear Dr. Anshu and staff that treated me with the utmost courtesy, Dr. Anshu was proficient and informative. I felt confident that the care I received was the best available. I've had less favorable experience in the past and highly recommend Dr. Anshu and staff.

sweden meagan and jc small.jpg

During my visit from USA, I was impressed anew by the attitude of you and your superb staff. You really have created an extraordinary medical practice that usually is not widely perceived as a 'pleasurable' experience. For the first time in my life I actually look forward to a visit to my dentist! Now all of my family and friends from USA are looking forward to a visit to your clinic at the earliest. Thank you - all - for that.

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Dear Dr Anshu, Just a note to thank you for changing my life. When I read an ad in the newspaper about Dental Implants being introduced by your clinic, I decided it was time to find out if there was anything I could do to improve my life. I was overweight, had a very poor diet - partly because I couldn't chew raw vegetables - and generally had a negative outlook on life. My self esteem was low and I was withdrawing socially. I didn't want to smile because others would see my ugly teeth. During my initial consultation, I felt confident with Dr. Anshu. She spent many hours and great detail determining what I needed and how best she could serve me. The entire staff was very caring and encouraging. When a patient is about to undergo all of the pain that is inherent in implant surgery, caring doctors and staff are extremely important. Today I have that new lease on life. In the process of the surgery, I lost a considerable amount of weight for which I am grateful, I can smile again and would do it all over in a minute. Thanks a lot,


I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of India and getting dental treatment done by Dr. Anshu at her clinic at the same time. I am very happy with the final results. The entire treatment was well planned and discussed beforehand with me by Dr. Anshu. The quality of her work speaks for itself.


Dr Anshu gave me one huge gift - my smile. And it wasn't an Olympic endeavor for me. In fact, I wish I would have done it sooner. My Olympic smile is back thanks to the amazing work of my dentist, Dr. Anshu. She's an artist, a technician, a perfectionist and most importantly, passionate about her work. I haven't quit smiling since I left the clinic. Now I am recommending Dr Anshu to all of my friends in USA who are looking for a good dentist while visiting magical India.

Dear Dr Anshu, It was wonderful experience of your services and gentle touch which I never had from any Dentist, with my senstive teeth I was scared to be on Doctors chair but for the first time you helped me get rid of that fear. GOD BLESS YOU. oh yes you have to teach me how to brush properly, maybe that can happen before I leave.

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"I had a severe case of "dental phobia" until I met and was treated by Dr. Anshu. A root canal was not my idea of meeting a new dentist, however before, during and after the treatment I was very comfortable and pleased with the results. All in all, the procedure was uneventful. Future cleaning, fillings, etc. will no longer be a concern. Thank you, Dr. Anshu and Staff!"


"Exemplary Professional Service. Very happy with the end results. I can now smile again. Very nice people. Thank you!"

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I was very fortunate to find Dr. Anshu's clinic during my visit to India. I got world class dental treatment and am very happy with the results. I wish I could get such service and quick appointments.

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Dear Dr. Anshu Gupta and wonderful Staff, For the past 10 years I have suffered with toothaches, and tooth pain. My eating habits reflected my tooth problems, avoiding foods that could possibly send waves of pain through my body. My teeth and their associated pain became a way of life. I would go to dentists and, more often than not, I wound up in worse shape then before I saw them. When I met you, you encouraged me to seek dental care, stressing that it does not have to be painful. Once again, I headed to my Patiala dentist only to suffer. This past November I decided to take the plunge and go to your office. The diagnosis: 8 root canals, 5 caps and crowns, and one extraction. The time frame: 9 days in the chair with one week in between for recuperation. The result: the most beautiful mouth and without any pain whatsoever. I have been raving about you for months. People compliment me all the time. I can eat without feeling any pain. Dr. Anshu, the way you treated me was incredible. You respected my wishes, you understood my fears, and you listened to my thoughts. I had always hoped that there were dentists like you around. After years of suffering, I finally found the perfect dentist (actually if you lived in Patiala you would be the perfect dentist). Everything I had heard about your excellent training from PGI is true. The people of Chandigarh don't know how lucky they are! With warmest regards-


I just want everyone to know how wonderful Dr Anshu Gupta has been to me. I unfortunately was a victim of a negligent dentist when I was a child, so I have terrible memories of going to the dentist. I was doing some research on the web and came upon her name and read about her background and learnt that she has received her MDS degree from PGI Chandigarh—one of the best institutes in India.

While I was reading the information, I just thought it sounded to good to be true. But, I really needed some fillings replaced so I made a phone call. When I called her staff was terrific and extremely helpful while I discussed my past misery at the hands of a bad dentist. They explained how pain free it would be and they were confident I would be satisfied. I can not say enough nice and positive words regarding Anshu gupta her staff. Today I had my second filling replaced and I was busy watching TV, and Dr Anshu had to tap me on the shoulder to let me know he was done. Now that's a painless trip to the dentist!

Thank you for helping me overcome my fear.


met Dr. Anshu through a friend who had been a patient of Dr Anshu ever since Dr Anshu was a senior resident at PGIMER Chandigarh and she told me that Dr. Anshu was the dentist to help me. My smile had been destroyed because of advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) and I wanted a healthy beautiful smile. I live in Shimla, about three hours from Dr. Anshu’s office, but consider this a short drive to get the best treatment. The success of my dental treatment has improved the course of my life and my overall health. As my periodontal disease progressed, I realized that the health of my teeth had been severely compromised. I wanted a healthy smile with the best aesthetic results possible. Dr. Anshu’s treatment plan met my goals. Within three weeks, Dr. Anshu began the treatment plan. Two weeks following this, I had regained a smile that I was really proud of. Dr. Anshu uses only state-of-the-art technology and has the latest in dental equipment. Because of this, my treatment was both pain-free and anxiety-free. I have now regained the self-confidence and health that I had lost.

Ms. Tina
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