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Dental Tourism News

A senior tourism ministry official said, “Earlier, people came to India for ... With easy access to visa facilities, medical tourism is turning out to be ...

Our report identifies India as a key medical tourism market in Asia with well structured health infrastructure and abundant number of services. ...

There will be a day of formal lectures along with workshops to include dental tourism, both to and from India. The party then travels, off the beaten track, ...

New York Times - Katharine Q. Seelye - ?Nov 7, 2009?

And while they typically have traveled for dental care or cosmetic surgery, medical tourists now go abroad for procedures as diverse as heart surgery, ... - Judy Dugan - ?Nov 4, 2009?

Medical tourism is known today as a path to lower-priced plastic surgery, dental implants or laser eye surgery, and a last resort for the middle-class ...

Reuters - ?Oct 26, 2009?

"Pent-up consumer demand for elective procedures, especially outpatient dental and cosmetic procedures, will help fuel increased demand for medical tourism ...

South Asian Focus - Sunil Rao - ?Nov 4, 2009?

"Take knee or hip replacements, where patients here currently face long wait-times; or take dental surgery, which is not currently covered by Ontario ...

AME Info - ?Nov 4, 2009?

Currently medical tourism patients from the Middle East are travelling in large numbers to countries such as India, Cyprus, Thailand, Jordan, Iran, France, ...

LONDON (AFP) - Falling numbers of state dentists in England has led to some people taking extreme measures, including extracting their own teeth, according to a new study released Monday

Last year 20,000 Britons went abroad for dental treatment. Lisa Bachelor finds out the drill The Observer Sunday September 23, 2007

Anchorage Daily News, AK - Jan 7, 2007 In fact, that is what many of Patrick Marsek's clients notice, said the managing director of MedRetreat, an Illinois-based medical tourism company that ...

Scotsman, UK - Dec 9, 2006

Research Summary: Dental Tourism, CA - Aug 8, 2006

THE NR EYE: Boom time as health tourism hits new high (September 4, 2006) Peninsula On-line - Qatar

Medical tourism is growing in both directions (August 8, 2006)

From Strength To Strength (August 8, 2006)

Ocean View with Surgery, Included (August 8, 2006) KUNC - Greeley,CO,USA

Travelling in search of the healing touch (August 1 2006) Indian Express, India

Outside View: Medical tourism`s allure(August 1 2006) Monsters and - Glasgow,UK

Medical Tourism(August 1 2006) - Canada

Cost-saving surgery lures 'medical tourists' abroad

Outsourcing Your Heart

Medical tourism agencies take operations overseas Aug 3, 2006

Medical tourism adopted by businesses; employees sent offshore for cost-saving surgical procedures News Aug 1, 2006

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  • Consultation with Dentist & Implantologist

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