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How to find the top and best dentist for dental treatment of overseas patients visiting Chandigarh, India

Since decades, Dentistry has been one of the exclusive medical branch intervening to cater to the oral health of all the generations. The future of dentistry is evolving significantly as more and more dentists are adoptiong latest and advanced dental innovations and technologies to facilitate the best interests of their patient’s traveling especially for the purposes of medical and dental tourism . Such increase in demands for cosmetic dental procedures by patients seeking medical and dental tourism and overseas patients looking for best dentist / dental treatment in Chandigarh, India have stimulated the development of the global dental industry, leaving City Beautiful – Chandigarh, India as no exception. Chandigarh has unanimosly proved itself as a harbringer of dental revolution as far as the success rate of dental treatment is concerned.

The other accetunating features , which makes dentistry in Chandigarh , India most sought after by medical and dental tourism patients and overseas patients visiting Chandigarh , India are :

  1. Team of Specialized doctors available for the treatment of NRI patients traveling from overseas to Chandigarh , India and for patients traveling to Chandigarh , India seeking medical and dental tourism (Experts from world –wide renowed hospitals like,from PGIMER ,Chandigarh etc)

  2. Adherence to the sterilization procedures of international standards followed in countries like USA and Australia for NRI and overseas patients traveling to Chandigarh , India for medical and dental tourism.

  3. Minutely chalked out customized dental treatment plans for NRIs and international patients traveling from overseas for medical and dental tourism to Chandigarh, India.

  4. A well equipped and self- sufficient competitive infrastructure of the clinics in Chandigarh , India for facilitating advanced technology and result- oriented expertise for multiple dental treatment needs of international patients traveling from overseas seeking medical and dental tourism and also NRIs.

Some of the treatments for which overseas patients / International patients seeking medical and dental tourism are most likely to visit Chandigarh are mentioned below :

1. Single visit Root canal treatment

2.Multiple root canals are done in single


  1. Dental implants

  2. Cosmetic Dentistry

  3. Cosmetic Fillings

  4. Metal free Crowns

  5. Porcelain Veneers

  6. Teeth whitening

  7. Invisalign braces treatment for travelling patients

  8. Wisdom teeth Extractions

The points you must keep in mind while looking for finding a top dentist in Chandigarh , India especially if you are an NRI or an overseas patient looking for medical and dental tourism visiting Chandigarh for a short time are

  1. The institute from where the doctor has passed out. There are two top institutes in India AIIMS , New Delhi AND PGI Chandigarh. If a doctor had qualified from one of these institutions or an institution of equal credibility, there is no doubt that as an NRI or as an overseas patient seeking medical and dental tourism , you will be in good hands. You must make sure that the best dentist you choose to visit should preferably hold a post graduate MDS Degree rather than only being a graduate dentist or BDS.

  1. The number of years of clinical experience of the practicing dentist and his/ her experience in dealing with and meeting the special requirements of NRI patients and overseas patients seeking medical and dental tourism. The more experienced the doctor is , better it is.

  2. The location of the clinic for NRI patients and overseas patients coming for medical and dental tourism which should be easy to reach.

  3. The infrastructure of the clinic. How well equipped the clinic is. What kind of equipments and X-ray facilities do they have ? Are they having digital X-rays facility and full mouth OPG X-rays facility available in house ? What kind of sterilization methods and protocols the clinic is following? These factors are very very important for NRI patients and overseas patients visiting Chandigarh, India for medical and dental tourism so that they don’t have to run to multiple places for different investigations.

  4. Apart from the qualifications and the institute from where the dentist has had training from , has he / she continuously upgraded himself / herself over a period of time through Continuing Dental Education programmes ? Only a well informed and technologically updated dentist would be the best dentist to provide expert and specialized treatment required for treating NRI patients and overseas patients traveling to Chandigarh , India for medical and dental tourism.

  5. Are the doctors using the latest technology like dental laser?

  6. Do they have a team of experienced and qualified doctors to undertake difficult cases related to dental implants and braces etc ?

  7. In these difficult COVID TIMES , what special precautions are they taking to prevent the spread of cross infection between patients and doctors ?

  8. Reviews on google and client testimonials especially the video testimonials of the NRI and overseas patients who have who have traveled for medical and dental tourism and had their treatment done already from the place you are thinking of visiting.

Advanced Dental Care Center run by Dr Anshu gupta in Chandigarh , India has always been a one stop solution for the NRI patients traveling from abroad and patients traveling to Chandigarh , India for medical and dental tourism for last more than 15 years. The clinic is well designed, hygienic and well maintained equipped with the latest in the field of dental technology. We also offer the following dental services.

  1. Dental implants

  2. Smile designing

  3. Porcelain dental veneers

  4. Composite dental veneers

  5. Cosmetic dentistry

  6. Laser Dentistry

  7. Laser gum treatments

  8. One visit root canal treatment

  9. Crowns and bridges

  10. CAD/ CAM Crowns

  11. Tooth colored fillings

  12. Endodontic treatment

  13. Periodontal treatments

  14. Bone grafting

  15. Sinus lift procedures

  16. Gum surgeries and gum grafting

  17. Kids dentistry

  18. Orthodontic treatment

  19. Invisible braces

  20. Invisalign

  21. Myofunctional appliances

  22. Space maintainers

  23. Root canal treatment for kids

  24. Pit and fissure sealant application

  25. ALL ON 4 dental implant procedures

  26. Space closure

  27. Post and core restorations

  28. Jaw surgeries

  29. Treatment of fractured jaws

  30. Removal of oral cysts and tumors

  31. Gum recontouring and gum depigmentation with dental laser

  32. Teeth whitening

Visit the following link on our you tube channel to see what our patients are saying about us.

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