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Porcelain Crowns
case study

This 22 year old patient came to us with the chief complaint of her irregular front upper teeth and she had her upper lateral incisors congenitally missing and the canines ahd moved in the space of lateral incisors. The patient had previously been treated with orthodontic treatment without any significant results and she didnt want to get the orthodontic treatment done again.

We took her study models and decided to do her intentional root canal treatment for her upper four teeth, her lateral incisors and canines . We decided to shape her canines as lateral incisors and replace her missing teeth on the canines with the bridges. We did the root canal treatment for the four teeth, did the needful tooth preparations and gave her two 3 unit porcelain fused to metal bridges from central incisors to canines. Here are the before and after treatment pictures. The case was finished in two weeks time.

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