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Laser dentistry in Chandigarh involves the use of dental lasers to treat a variety of dental conditions. Dentists often use either soft tissue lasers or hard tissue lasers.

Soft tissue lasers are ideal for dental procedures involving soft tissues in the mouth such as the gums.

On the other hand, hard tissue lasers usually cut hard tissues like the teeth.

  1. Lasers may be used in several dental procedures including dental tooth decay and removal of small cavities.

  1. They can also be used to treat gum disease, remove excess tissue.

  1. They can also speed up in-office teeth whitening procedures.

  1. They can also be used for root canal therapy.

What are the Benefits of dental lasers in Chandigarh

  1. The benefits of laser include less discomfort, less damage to gums, teeth, and surrounding areas.

  2. Quicker recovery is seen with much faster healing process.

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