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Root canal treatment aims at providing relief to your pain and help to prevent more complicated dental issues in future.

A “root canal” is a term used to describe the natural cavity in the center of a tooth. This contains a soft area known as the pulp chamber that houses the nerves together. If this area becomes irritated or infected due to cavities, trauma or decay, root canal therapy is necessary.

Following symptoms can indicate you need a Root Canal Treatment :

• Severe tooth pain and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

• Tooth become discolored

• Swollen, tender gums

• A recurring pimple or sinus that forms on the gums.

With proper care, most of the teeth that have had root canal treatment can last as long as other natural teeth and often for a lifetime.

What is a root canal procedure?

The dentist or endodontist cleans out the decayed or damaged pulp without breaking the exterior of the tooth root. The cleaned root canal is filled with a biocompatible rubber like material called gutta-percha. Thereafter permanent filling is fine on the tooth and a crown is given.

To find the best root canal doctor near you in Chandigarh India , you can take help of the following points.

1. When looking for the best root canal doctor near you in Chandigarh , India , the best way to start is asking people you know or getting online and reading the credentials and reading the reviews of the patients about the best root canal dentist.

2. Check the Credentials of the best root canal doctor . The best root canal dentist near you in Chandigarh , India that you choose should be specialized in endodontic dentistry. An endodontist is a specialized dentist who trained to take save your teeth from decay.

3.The clinic of best root canal doctor near you in Chandigarh, India should be hygienic, well maintained and easily approachable.

  1. The best root canal doctor near you in Chandigarh, India should be a licensed and registered member of the state dental council.

  2. There are a lot of advances nowadays in the field of endodontic or root canal dentistry procedures including the use of rotary endodontic techniques for the biomechanical preparation of the root canal which takes far less time than the manual preparation , use of microscopes for the treatment of difficult and complicated teeth ,use of magnifying loupes , thermoplastic gutta purcha techniques and so on. The best root canal doctor near you in Chandigarh, India should be well equipped and versed with all these procedures and techniques.

  3. One should research thoroughly to find the best root canal doctor near you as once the root canal treatment is not properly done it becomes very difficult to save that tooth .

  4. The best root canal doctor near you should be adequately trained to perform single visit root canal treatment procedures.

  5. While looking for the best root canal doctor near you , you should see the number of years of clinical experience of the root canal dentist. The more experienced is the dentist , the better it is.

  6. The best root canal doctor near you should not only be able to do a root canal treatment precisely but should also be able to restore the structure of the tooth back to normal form and function.

  7. The best root canal doctor near you should have the provision of digital X-rays chair-side so that multiple X-rays required during the root canal procedure can be taken with ease and convenience without wasting time.

At Advanced Dental Care Center run by Dr Anshu Gupta in Chandigarh, India the team of experienced doctors provide the best root canal treatment.

We focus on providing painless root canal treatment to our patients by utilizing the latest technology that is there in the field. Depending upon the condition of the tooth, root canal treatment can be done in not more than one or two visits. We also offer the following dental procedures.

  1. Smile designing

  2. Porcelain dental veneers

  3. Composite dental veneers

  4. Cosmetic dentistry

  5. Laser Dentistry

  6. Laser gum treatments

  7. One visit root canal treatment

  8. Crowns and bridges

  9. CAD/ CAM Crowns

  10. Tooth colored fillings

  11. Endodontic treatment

  12. Periodontal treatments

  13. Bone grafting

  14. Sinus lift procedures

  15. Gum surgeries and gum grafting

  16. Kids dentistry

  17. Orthodontic treatment

  18. Invisible braces

  19. Invisalign

  20. Myofunctional appliances

  21. Space maintainers

  22. Root canal treatment for kids

  23. Pit and fissure sealant application

  24. ALL ON 4 dental implant procedures

  25. Space closure

  26. Post and core restorations

  27. Jaw surgeries

  28. Treatment of fractured jaws

  29. Removal of oral cysts and tumors

  30. Gum recontouring and gum depigmentation with dental laser

  31. Dental implants

  32. Teeth whitening

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