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How to find the best dentist for teeth extraction / teeth removal near me in Chandigarh, India

The points you must keep in mind while looking for finding the best dentist for teeth extraction / teeth removal near me in Chandigarh , India are :

  1. The institute from where the dental surgeon who will be doing extraction near you in Chandigarh, India has passed out. There are two top institutes in India AIIMS , New Delhi AND PGI Chandigarh. If a doctor had qualified from one of these institutions or an institution of equal credibility, there is no doubt that you will be in good hands.

  2. The number of years the clinic of the doctor who will be doing your tooth Extraction or tooth removal near you in Chandigarh , India has been in existence ? The more experienced the doctor is , better it is.

  3. Some teeth extractions/ teeth removal are very easy. For eg removal / extraction of mobile teeth. But others may be very difficult. For eg removal of impacted wisdom teeth especially mandibular or lower third molars. Make sure the best dentist or the best dental surgeon you are going to for your tooth extraction/ removal takes proper IOPA X Rays and OPG if required to see the position of the nerve in relation to the wisdom tooth. Sometimes a CBCT or DENTASCAN may also be required before attempting extraction or removal of anatomically complicated wisdom teeth lest any nerve injury maybe caused during the tooth removal/ extraction.

  4. The infrastructure of the dental clinic near you in Chandigarh, India that you are planning to visit for teeth extraction. How well equipped the clinic is. What kind of equipments and X-ray facilities does the dental clinic have ? Are they having digital X-rays facility and full mouth OPG X-rays facility available in house ? What kind of sterilization methods and protocols the dental clinic is following?

  5. Is the dentist doing teeth extraction / removal using special surgical units like piezoelectric surgery unit for bone cutting or removal ?

  6. Does the dental clinic near you in Chandigarh, India have the latest technology like hard tissue dental laser?

  7. In these difficult COVID TIMES , what special precautions the dental clinic near you in Chandigarh, India you are planning to visit for extraction/ teeth removal are taking to prevent the spread of cross infection between patients and doctors ?

  8. Reviews on google and client testimonials especially the video testimonials of the best dental clinic near you in Chandigarh, India of the patients who have already visited that dental clinic and have had the teeth extraction / removal done.

Advanced Dental Care Center run by Dr Anshu gupta in Chandigarh , India has always been a one stop solution and a family dental clinic for the local as well as NRI patients traveling from overseas to Chandigarh , India for medical and dental tourism for last more than 15 years. The clinic is well designed, hygienic and well maintained equipped with the latest in the field of dental technology.

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