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Different Kinds of Chandigarh Dental Implants as told by Chandigarh Implant Dentist

Different Kinds of Chandigarh Dental Implants as told by Chandigarh Implant dentist

Missing teeth not only affect your appearance and self-esteem but also your oral and general health. So the question is not whether to replace them, but how. The most functional way to do that is with dental implants treatment in Chandigarh. Dental Implants are a permanent teeth replacement options in Chandigarh with an unbeatable natural look.

But what exactly are they and what are the different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants you can get? Here we will answer those and many more questions you might have about dental implants in Chandigarh. Also we’ll tell you about an experienced implant dentist in Chandigarh who can restore your smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants were first made by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon in 1965 and since then have become the favorite way to replace missing teeth. Chandigarh dental implants are placed inside your jaw to act as artificial roots for your new teeth. Since Chandigarh dental implants bond with the surrounding bone, they become a permanent part of your mouth.

90%-95% of implant surgeries are successful, but there is a slight chance of failure. You can eliminate that by visiting an expert implant dentist in Chandigarh like Dr Anshu Gupta.

Different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants are all made of three parts:

  1. Implant Post

An implant post also called a screw or the implant body is the main part that’s inserted into the jaw. It fuses with your bones and provides a strong base.

  1. Abutment

An abutment or connector is placed over the post to attach it to the new prosthetic tooth.

  1. Prosthetic Tooth

A dental crown or bridge is what creates the natural look by being secured to the abutment. A crown is great for replacing a single tooth, while a bridge can replace multiple adjacent teeth.

Benefits of Chandigarh Dental Implants

Different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants have the following benefits.

Chandigarh dental implants can:

  • Improve your appearance and self-confidence

  • Enhance your oral and general health

  • Improve your speech and chewing ability

  • Prevent bone deterioration in your jaw and support your gums

  • Last a lifetime with the right dental care

Who Is a Good Candidate for Receiving Dental Implants in Chandigarh?

Most people over 18 who have lost their teeth due to accidents, health conditions, or aging can receive dental implants in Chandigarh.

They need to have:

  • Good oral health

  • Good general health

  • Enough jawbone density

  • Healthy gums free of periodontal disease

People with the following conditions are not good candidates to get dental implants in Chandigarh:

  • Smokers and alcohol abusers

  • Diabetics

  • People with heart disease

  • People with chronic illnesses

  • People receiving radiation therapy

But there are even ways for ineligible candidates to get dental implants in Chandigarh . For example, bone grafting in Chandigarh for dental implants can help create a strong jaw in people with insufficient dental bone structure.

To know for sure if you’re a good candidate for teeth implants in Chandigarh, you need to visit the best implant dentist in Chandigarh. You can schedule an appointment with Dr Anshu Gupta an implant dentist in Chandigarh , to figure that out.

Different Kinds of Chandigarh Dental Implant Materials

Dental implants in Chandigarh are designed to endure a lot of pressure. So they’re made out of inert biocompatible materials like :

  • Titanium: medical-grade titanium is the most commonly used material. It’s light and biocompatible and bonds well with the jawbone.

  • Zirconia: zirconia is the new strong replacement for titanium in people who have metal allergies.

  • Other: other materials that are used less frequently include gold, stainless steel, and cobalt-chromium.

Different Kinds of Chandigarh Dental Implants

There are different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants based on the position of the teeth, the number of implants, and the technique used to insert them.

  • Endosteal dental implants in Chandigarh : these implants need adequate bone density in the jaw because they’re inserted directly into the jawbone. Most teeth implants belong to this group.


  • Subperiosteal dental implants in Chandigarh people who don’t have a strong jawbone and don’t want to get bone grafts can opt for this option. Subperiosteal implants are inserted under the gum but above the jawbone.

  • Transosteal implants in Chandigarh: these implants are placed through the mandibular bone, so their installation procedure is very complex. They’re also the least common kind of all implants.

  • Zygomatic implants in Chandigarh: these are another option for people with inadequate bone density. They’re very uncommon because they’re placed in the cheekbone, also known as the zygomatic bone.

Number & Technique

  • Single tooth implants: a single dental implant in Chandigarh replaces an individual missing tooth anywhere in the mouth.

  • Multiple Implants: multiple dental implants replace individual missing teeth in different sections of the mouth.

  • Implant-supported bridges: a dental implant supports a bridge that replaces multiple adjacent teeth

  • Full mouth dental implants in Chandigarh: multiple implants in the upper or lower jaw support a full set of teeth in each arch

    • All on 4 implants: 4 implants in each jaw support a full set of teeth

    • All on 6 implants: 6 implants in each jaw support a full set of teeth

  • Same-day dental implants: missing tooth isrestored in one session

  • Mini Dental Implants: 2-millimeter mini implants are inserted with a less invasive technique to support dentures

It can be overwhelming to choose from the different kinds of Chandigarh dental Implants. Eventually, it's your chandigarh implant dentist who helps you choose based on your tooth’s condition and your jaw’s strength.

The dental implant surgery in Chandigarh is completed in multiple visits. Here are all the steps involved in the procedure.


Dental Implants Surgery in Chandigarh

1.Initial Consultation

At your first appointment, the implant dentist in Chandigarh will ask you about the results you’re looking for and examine your teeth. He might need to check x-rays and CT scans of your jaw to see if you need bone grafts or sinus lifts. After that, he will plan your treatment and tell you what you can expect at every step.

2.Tooth Extraction

Before inserting the implant post, your chandigarh implant dentist will remove the remaining damaged tooth from its socket. This might be a simple extraction or a more complicated procedure based on your tooth’s condition.

  1. Jawbone Preparation

To prepare your jaw for a successful procedure, your chandigarh implant dentist might need to perform an extra bone grafting or sinus lifting procedure.

Bone grafting includes taking bone from another part of your body or using synthetic bone and adding it to your jaw to make it stronger. After a 3-9 month healing period, the Chandigarh implant dentist can continue with the rest of the procedure.

Sinus lifting is required when your missing tooth is at the back of your upper jaw.  Because of the inadequate bone density under the sinus cavity, the dentist will raise the sinus floor and augment the jaw to fit in the implant post.

4.Implant Post Insertion

After strengthening your jaw with bone grafting and sinus lifting, the dentist will insert the implant post. If you didn’t need those extra procedures, he can place the implant post the same day as the tooth extraction.

To do this, the chandigarh implant dentist will numb the area and make an incision in your gum. He will then drill the exposed bone to make enough room and insert the implant post. Finally, the Chandigarh implant dentist will stitch the area so it can heal.


Osseointegration is when the implant integrates with the surrounding bone and becomes secure. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months, depending on the different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants you’ve received.

6.Abutment Placement

After your jaw is healed, the Chandigarh implant dentist will place the abutment over the implant to prepare it for accepting the prosthetic tooth. He will send an impression of your tooth to the lab. While you wait for your custom-made crowns, your jaw will heal from the process of abutment placement.

7.Prosthetic Tooth Placement

You will visit the implant dentist in Chandigarh one last time to get your crowns. The dentist will secure the natural-looking prosthetic tooth on top of the abutment and your implant procedure will be completed

How Long Does It Take Until I Get My Dental Implants in Chandigarh?

It will take 3-6 months from your initial consultation until you walk out of the clinic with your new teeth. This timeframe can vary for different patients based on their conditions and extra necessary procedures.

Is the Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

No matter the different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants you’re getting, the outpatient surgery will be completely painless. There are many anesthetics and techniques available to help you combat the pain and feel completely comfortable and your dentist will determine the best one for you before the procedure.

How Long Will My Chandigarh Dental Implants Last?

Your implants should last up to 25 years and more if you follow good dental care practices and take proper care of them.

Try to steer clear from smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, practicing impact sports, and dangerous habits like nail-biting as much as possible as these can harm your teeth implants.

Aftercare Tips for Dental Implants in Chandigarh

Dental Implants don’t decay like your natural teeth. But to increase the chance of a successful surgery and to make your implants last longer, it’s good to follow these aftercare tips:

  • Place an icepack over the swollen area after the surgery

  • Take over-the-counter or prescription painkillers to reduce the pain

  • Eat soft foods for a while until the surgical area heals

  • Practice a good routine to maintain the oral hygiene

  • Visit your implant dentist in Chandigarh regularly for cleanings and checkups

How Much Do Chandigarh Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of a single tooth implant in Los Angeles is Rs 25,000 to 40,000. Depending on the implant materials, extra preparation procedures like bone grafting and sinus lifting, where you live, and the dentist you visit, this price can be higher or lower.

One thing you should never do is to go to a less experienced dentist for a cheaper price. An expert and skillful implant dentist will increase the chance of a successful surgery and save you more on the costs down the line.

So Make an Appointment With the Best Implant Dentist in Chandigarh

Now that you know everything there is to know about the different kinds of Chandigarh dental implants, it’s time to start your own journey toward a better smile. If you’re ready and looking for the best implant dentist in Chandigarh you can reach out to Dr Anshu Gupta. With years of experience and countless successful implant surgeries, Dr Anshu Gupta and her professional team are ready to restore your missing teeth.

You can call ☎️ us at 9855123234 to schedule your dental appointment with us.

Our team of top implant dentists in Chandigarh and best implant specialists in Chandigarh will address all your dental concerns and provide you with the optimal solution.

Dr anshu gupta (MDS PGI ) is the best implant dentist in Chandigarh with over 20 years of experience in implant dentistry having done hundreds of implants in last 20 years and transformed smiles giving lot of self confidence to many people.

Also Chandigarh Advanced Dental Care Center has a complete team of 3 renowned and experienced implant specialists along with Dr Anshu.

Our dental implants team in Chandigarh can handle all types of cases , even the most complicated ones. We do all on 4 dental implant treatment procedures in Chandigarh and also zygoma implants ,pterygoid implants and all types of bone grafting procedures including direct sinus lift procedures and indirect sinus lift procedures. If you are looking for the best implant dentist in Chandigarh, you can call us at 9855123234.

Some of the dental treatment procedures offered by Advanced Dental Care Center in Chandigarh are :

1. Single visit Root canal treatment   

2.Laser dentistry

3. Dental implants

4.Cosmetic Dentistry

5. Cosmetic Fillings

6.Metal free Crowns

7. Porcelain Veneers

8.Teeth whitening

9.Invisalign braces treatment for travelling patients

10.Wisdom teeth Extractions

We provide services to the patients from following cities in India.

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