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4 common reasons to get a dental crown in Mohali

Give your teeth the royal treatment with the help of dental crowns in Mohali. This procedure for dental crowns in Mohali involves placing a cap over the top of an existing tooth. Dental crowns in Mohali provide a solution to a wide range of tooth problems, from restoring the shape and appearance of the original tooth to providing extra strength and protection.

Here are some of the most common reasons you may need to get a dental crown.Many people get dental crowns in Mohali for cosmetic reasons.

1. You have a misshapen or discoloured toothMany people get dental crowns in Mohali for cosmetic reasons. Improving the appearance of your teeth with dental crowns in Mohali means you never have to worry about hiding your smile!A dental crown in Mohali can cover up an unsightly tooth and enhance your smile by ensuring you have a perfect set of even and attractive pearly whites.

2. You have a tooth with a large fillingIf your tooth has a large cavity that requires a filling involving at least half the width of your tooth, the structure of it may be weakened. A dental crown in Mohali can be used to support and strengthen the tooth. This is an effective way to make sure your tooth doesn't suffer further damage from a fracture.

3. You have a cracked toothOnce upon a time, damaged teeth had to be removed. Now, thanks to the restorative nature of dental crowns, you could keep cracked teeth for longer. When a dental crown in Mohali is placed over a cracked tooth, it not only stabilises it and prevents further damage, it can reduce the pain you might feel when chewing.

Dental crowns in Mohali can help perfect your smile!

4. You have worn teeth

Dental crowns in Mohali are a practical and cosmetic solution to worn teeth. Your teeth can get worn down if you grind your teeth in your sleep, if you eat a lot of acidic foods, or if you suffer from gastrointestinal acid reflux.

As the teeth get worn down, they get shorter and the enamel is eroded, sometimes causing your teeth to feel more sensitive or have a yellowed appearance. Dental crowns in Mohali can restore your teeth and make sure you have a proper bite.

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Some of the dental treatment procedures offered by Advanced Dental Care Center in Mohali are :

1. Single visit Root canal treatment

2.Laser dentistry

3. Dental implants

4.Cosmetic Dentistry

5. Cosmetic Fillings

6.Metal free Crowns

7. Porcelain Veneers

8.Teeth whitening

9.Invisalign braces treatment for travelling patients

10.Wisdom teeth Extractions

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