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About Patiala Punjab India - NRI Dental Services

Patiala is a young city with royal heritage and rich tradition. Baba Ala Singh founded Patiala in 1764, which was frequently mentioned in Mahabharata. This place has acquired a place of eminence in political, social, religious, music and fine arts, cultural, academic and military spheres since then. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh (1900-1938) gave Patiala a prominent place on the political map of India. Later at the time of Indian independence his son Yadvindera Singh took a patriotic lead by signing the instrument of accession facilitating the process of national integration.

From then Patiala has continued to occupy an important place in regional politics. The Capital of Princely

state Patiala has magnificent Forts, Palaces, extensive gardens like Quilla Androo Sheesh Mahal, Moti

Bagh Palace, Baradari Garden, Art Galleries and National Institute of Sports. Baradari Gardens,

Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib, Temple Kali Devi, which on account of the rare murals on its walls,

has been declared a national monument. Patiala is now one of the principle city of Punjab. National

Institute of sports (NIS), Head quarters of State Bank of Patiala, Panjab State Electricity Board, Public

Works Department, Public Service Commission, Punjab State Archives and Income Tax Department for this reason are also located here. The Northern Religion Centre is also located at Patiala. Patiala has long been a centre of trade and commerce but in recent years it is gradually developing into an industrial town by producing a wide range of goods. Escorts, Milk Food, Diesel Component Works (DCW) of the railways, Bakeman`s Factory Area and Industrial Estate Sirhind Road are worth mentioning industrial units. Also, Patiala has the proud distinction of having one of the most prestigious army formation.



The fourth Maharaja Narinder Singh was a great patron of art, architecture and music. During his time Moti Bagh Palace, Sheesh Mahal, Banasur Bagh were designed followed by Baradari Palace. Maharaja also encouraged classical music. Keeping the tradition alive his successors continued to patronise the music resulting the rich creation of Patiala Gharana; on which still thrives the whole of Pakistani Classical Music. Colorful Parandas, Nalas, Chunnies and Patiala Juttis embroidered in Gold Thread and Phulkari motifs are unique handicrafts of Patiala.



From the time of Baba Ala Singh, Patiala has a rich tradition of patronizing sports. He popularised sports like horsemanship, marksmanship and hunting. Later Cricket was introduced as the modern sport and highest cricket ground in the world was built at Chail (now in Himachal Pradesh). Other sports include Polo, Hockey and Wrestling in which Patiala has produced world fame players and Wrestlers. With the establishment of National Institute of Sports, Patiala has become sports capital of the Country. Getting There


Distance From

Delhi : 315 kms | Ambala : 54 Km | Chandigarh : 67 Km

Patiala is well linked with other towns of Punjab through rail and bus service. It is situated nearly 4 km from Patiala Railway station/Bus Stand.

Excursion In Patiala

Qila Mubarak | Motibagh Palace | Kali Devi Temple | Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib | Bara Dari Garden

Patiala Dental Health News

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About Patiala

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