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Orthodontic Appliances

You may think of braces as a unit, but they're really a system that includes number of components:

Bands are the stainless steel rings that fit around the back teeth (molars) the tubes fitted on them are called molar tubes.


Ligating wires are thin wires that are tied around the bracket and over the archwire to hold it in place.

Ligating wires

Bracket are small metal or ceramic pieces bonded to the teeth to connect them to the archwire.


Ligating rings (or o-rings) are small plastic rings that encircle the bracket and hold the wire against it. The rings come in various colors. transparent or white rings are the least noticeavle.

Ligating rings (O-rings)

Archwires fit into the brackets and create the pressure that causes the desired tooth movement. They are available in different size and may be changed a number of times over the course of treatment.

SureSmlle archwires differ form traditional archwires, because they are permanently customized by the SureSmlle process according to each patient's individual prescription.



Headgear is often used to improve the jaw alignment of patients who are still growing. The gear typically hooks onto the braces and straps around the skull to apply steady pressure.

Rubber Bands

Actually made of latex, rubber bands are often used to augment the pressure exerted to move the teeth. The bands come in a variety of sizes and weight to meet varying needs.

Retainers are used to hold your correction in place after the braces are removed, giving the bone time to grow around the newly positioned teeth and stabilize them. this is important, because it prevents relapse, one of the greatest challenges in orthodontics.

Some retainers are removable, while others are permanently bonded to the back of your front teeth, If you have a removable retainer, your doctor may want you to wear it around the  clock for a few months. Later, you may be advised to wear it a few hours a day or when you sleep at night. Since teeth tend to shft as a person ages, retainer use may be a lifelong maintenance requirement.


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