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Implant Hybrid Dentures Case Study


This 54 year old patient came to us from Bangladesh with all the teeth in the upper and lower jaw missing and he wanted a fixed replacement for his missing teeth. The patient still had 14 teeth which were in bad condition. We suggested extraction of remaining teeth six weeks before his visit with us.

We took the required clinical and radiograhic records, took an OPG and DENTASCAN of the patient and planned a computer guided surgery with NOBEL GUIDE ALL ON 6 technique. This was done primarily to avoid the bilateral maxillary sinus lift and bone graft procedures in the upper jaw as the patient had lost a significant amount of bone because of years of periodontal disease.In addition, the patient also desired one-stage procedure with immediate placement of final teeth as he did not want to fly back again after six months for thesecond-stage procedure.

We completed the computer guided planning with the Nobel Guide technique and got the presurgical stents and guides fabricated from Sweden. We placed 8 implants in the upper jaw and six implants in the lower jaw and gave him implant supported fixed teeth in the form of hybrid dentures.

Here are the before and after treatment pictures and all the work was finished within 3 weeks period.

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