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Missing smile
Case study

This patient came to us from London with the complaint that her teeth were not visible when she smiled or talked. She had a smile and facial appearance like that of a patient without a complete set of teeth or the patient with dentures.

We examined her and found out that she had worn out upper and lower front teeth, especially on the inner side. She also had missing first molars on both upper right and left sides.

After complete examination, we decided to increase her bite to increase the length and therefore the visibility of her upper front teeth. We also decided to replace her missing upper molars simultaneously. To increase her bite or her vertical dimension, we decided to place ceramic crowns on all her upper and lower back teeth and once we did this, we then proceeded to give her ceramic crowns on upper front teeth.

The final result can be seen above. We succeeded in achieving the treatment goals in just two weeks. She went back happy and with a complete new look looking much younger.

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