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Mini Implants

Mini-Implants for Denture Stabilization

Mini implant dentures are a great idea! They can be used to stablize ill

fitting loose dentures and because the dental implant surgery to place

them involves very little trauma, most patients can have them done

immediately. The placement procedure involves mininal trauma. A

patient's old loose existing plates can often be converted at the same

time that each mini implant is placed. In most cases, the dentist who

places the implants is also the dentist who modifies the old denture

so patients do not have to make several trips around town to visit

several different dentists.

Mini implant dentures were first invented because traditional dental implants take six months to heal and integrate into the bone. During this time denture wearers had to continue to suffer with loose ill fitting plates. Long very thin screw-like temporary implants were invented to be used to hold the loose dentures in place while the real dental implants healed. After some time, it was realized that these temporary implants could in fact be used as final denture supports without the traditional implants and without having to wait six months.

Our clinic offers mini implant dentures to patients who are suffering with poor ill fitting dentures.

The entire proceedure can be completed in a matter of hours... with results that can be quite stunning. Patients can hardly believe the improvement in their abilities to eat, speak, laugh and smile.

Denture Stabilization - What is It?

Denture stabilization is achieved through the use of an MDI or Mini Dental Implant. The procedure can stabilize a patient's denture or other prosthetic in just a few hours.

The 1.8 mm width (the same as a wooden toothpick) means less time in surgery to place the implants. It also provides immediate and on-going stabilization for those who can't tolerate full size conventional implants.

The patient is anesthetized and a special drill is used to create a place for each implant. In the average denture stabilization case, there are six implants.

Each of the tiny implants is held by a small finger driver that inserts the implant and also acts as a screw driver. Next, a winged wrench further tightens the implant.

Final Stabilization Steps

Retrofitting the Denture

Yes, in many cases, patients do not require brand new dentures. New or revised dentures are recommended only when dictated by changes in the patient's oral health.

The patient's existing denture is marked to show the placement of the implants and wells are drilled at each of those points at the dental lab.

Each well will contain a metal housing that will allow the denture to snap on and off each implant.

The Completed Mini Implant Procedure

Not sure if you are a candidate?

Contact us to learn more about denture stabilization and mini implants and how they can be implemented for a customized treatent plan.

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