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Porcelain Veneers

Dental Case Study

This patient came to us from New Zealand for her dental treatment. She had a badly infected tooth, had an old bridge with respect to upper left front teeth, a root stump which was left in place under her false tooth, multiple old silver filings which needed replacement and she complained of gaps in upper and lower fron teeth.

We examined her and planned her case. Full mouth radiographic examination was done and upper and lower study models were made. Porclein veneers in IPS Empress were planned for her bottom front teeth and porcelain inlays were planned for her lower back teeth on left side. The bridge was replaced with metal free Zirconia bridge and root stump was removed.

Laser assisted root canal treatment was done for her upper left canine. Rest of the teeth were restored with crowns in IPS and ZIRCONIA CERCON.

We finished her treatment in record time of four days and here are the before and after treatment pictures.

You can see the happy patient here with her million dollar smile.

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