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IPS e max Crowns

IPS e.max Crowns Case Study

This is a 24 year old patient. The patient had a disease called amelogenesis imperfecta which is a herediatary disoreder where the teeth have no enamel. The patient had a previous history of correcetion of the same problem with porcelain fused to metal crowns. The patient was very unhappy with the way the teeth looked after that treatment.

We studied her case and performed laser crwons lengthenings of upper and lower arch for the correction of her gummy smile and to make the teeth look symmetrical when she smiled.

A lot of work was done for the aesthetic correction of the case and her corwns were replaced with IPS e.max Crowns in the front upper and lower teeth for enhanced and beautiful aesthetics. Also new porcelain crowns were given for the back teeth.

Here are the before and after treatment pictures of the patient . You can see the patient flaunting her million dollar smile.

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