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Places of Interest - Gurdaspur Punjab Dentist India

In the beginning of 17th century Guriya Ji founded Gurdaspur. So the city was named after him as Gurdaspur. He bought land for Gurdaspur from Jats of Sangi Gotra. It is also established that some people used to live in huts in the old city. Guriya Ji was a Sanwal Brahmin of Kaushal Gotra.He lived in Paniar village situated 5 miles north of Gurdaspur. The ancestors of Guriya Ji came from Ayodhaya long time ago and settled in Paniar. Guriya Ji had two sons Sh.Nawal Rai and Sh.Pala Ji. The descendants of Nawal Rai settled in Gurdaspur Nawal Rai’s son Baba Deep Chand was a contemporary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is believed that Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the title of Ganj Bakhsh (Owner Of Treasure) to Baba Deep Chand. The descendants of Baba Deep Chand are known as Mahants.

The Gurdaspur district is the northern most district of Punjab state. It falls in the Jalandhar division and is sandwitched between river Ravi and Beas. The district lies between north-latitude 310-36` and 320-34` and east longitude 740-56` and 750-24` and shares common boundaries with Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir state in the north, Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east, Hoshiarpur district in the south-east, Kapurthala district in the south, Amritsar district in the south west and Pakistan in the north west.

Takht - I - Akbari

Coronation Site Of Mughal Emperor AKBAR THE GREAT (1556 – 1605 AD)

Here he was coroneted as the Emperor of Hindustan on 14th February 1556 AD. Protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

AKBAR the great Mughal Emperor 1556 – 1605 was coronated at a place situated at a distance of 2 Kms East of Kalanaur. HUMAYUN, the father of Akbar, died on 26 January 1556 in Delhi in a fatal accident while climbing down the stairs of Din-I-Pannah library also known as Sher – Mandal. At the time of coronation, Akbar was only 13 years 3 months old. At the time of his father’s death he was accompanying his tutor BAIRAM KHAN and was staying at Kalanaur.

Mahakaleshwar Temple At Kalanaur

Since time immemorial, a big Shivratri fair is held every year in the Mahakaleshwar temple on Shivratri day when a large number of devotees gather here to celebrate the festival of Shivratri. This photograph shows the shivlingam which is in horizontal position. It is the only temple of shiva in india in which shivlingam is in horizontal position. This shivlingam is in mahakaleshwar temple at Kalanaur.

Dera Baba Nanak


Dera Baba Nanak is situated 45 Kilometers west of Gurdaspur. This place is associated with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The two famous Gurudwaras at Dera Baba Nanak are Sri Darbar Sahib and Sri Chola Sahib.

Mukeshwar Temple at Shahpur Kandi

This temple is situated on the bank of river Ravi. It is about eight kilometers north east of Shahpur Kandi. This temple is the earliest relics of antiquity. These are said to data back to the times of the Pandavas.

Stories are told of ARJUN’S and DRAUPADI’S visit to this place. Near the temple a long left in the rock a little way up the river is known ARJUNA’S CHULA.


Barath Sahib

Barath Sahib is situated 13 Kilometer west of Pathankot city. The Gurudwara of Barath Sahib is associated with Baba SRI-CHAND, the elder son of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Baba Sri-Chand, the founder of udassi sect was born on Bhadhon 9, Samvat 1551 i.e. 1494 AD in Sultanpur Lodhi.

Fairs & Festival Marriage of Baba Ji at Batala

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was married in Batala to Bibi Sulakhani and a big annual fair is held to commemorate the marriage. Gurudwara Dera Sahib and Kandh Sahib built on the spots where marriage rites were performed attract pilgrims from all over the state.

Baisakhi at Pandori Mahantan

Pandori Mahantan is situated 8 Kms east of Gurdaspur city. It is an old Dera (monastery) of Mahants, the management of which has passed from Guru (preceptor) to his chela (disciple) for generations. The monastery was founded sometime in the reign of Emperor Jahangir (1605-1627) by a famous of Hindu saint Bairagi Bhagwanji.

Punjab is famous for its Baisakhi fair Baisakhi is observed at many places in the state. Pandori Mahantan is one such place. It is not known since when the Baisakhi fair at Pandori Mahantan is being celebrated. Some suggest that the fair was first held when Baba Narainji succeeded his Guru Baba Bhagwanji about four centuries ago and has been held every year since then. The fair lasts for three days from Ist to 3rd Baisakh, corresponding from 13th to 15th April.

Babehali’s Chhinjh (Wrestling) Mela

Babehali is situated 4 Kms from Gurdaspur city. A Chhinjh Mela is held here every year in the last week of August. Wrestlers from India and abroad participate in this Mela. Cultural programmes are also held here by various artists from all over Punjab.


Kalanaur, a historical town of Gurdaspur District, is situated towards the west of Gurdaspur at a distance of 25 Kilometres. Akbar the great, the famous Mughal Emperor was coronated at a raised platform, 2 Kilometers east of Kalanaur on 14th February 1556 AD. Since time immemorial, a big Shivratri fair is held every year in the Mahakaleshwar temple on Shivratri day when a large number of devotees gather here to celebrate the festival of Shivratri.

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