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Dental Implants Costs

Cost of dental implant surgery

Because dental implant surgery requires a team of professionals and the surgery requirements can vary from case to case, the implant cost is differet for each person. If a patient requires additional things such as bone regeneration and sinus elevation, cost of dental implants can increase. The surgical phase may require initial bone grafts if there is insufficient bone. In the past, many patients simply were unable to have implants placed because of insufficient bone. Now with advanced techniques implants are again a viable option.

Type/Brand of Dental Implant

Basic dental implant pricing and fees varies based on type of implant system or brand you pick.

Cost of the crown (tooth placed at the top of the post)

Consider the potential of several implants and several crowns

Potential use of synthetic bone material during surgery

The Location of the Implant (which tooth)

Some areas of the mouth are much more difficult to work on than others. The cost for a canine will be different from the cost of an incisor and that of a molar. The more difficult the area of the mouth is to work on, the more time it will require to do the procedure and the more labor it will involve - so in turn the price will go up.

Interestingly, most people assume that dental implant treatment is more expensive than alternative methods of tooth replacement. In reality, dental implants are more cost effective other methods of tooth replacement. The basic reason for this cost differential is due to the fact that other treatments require extensive repairs, replacements, and procedures to preserve the integrity of facial structures and prevent additional tooth loss compared to dental implants. In other words, additional procedures will probably be necessary in the future to treat the teeth that were cut down, repair the resulting bone defects, or replace the initial bridge. For Example, One bridge replacement and a procedure to repair the bone defect could increase the total cost of treatment in a 10- to 15-year period.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Dental implants can last more than thirty years if properly maintained. This requires good cleaning skills to be learned by the patient.

We Offer Lifetime Warranty on Nobel Biocare Dental Implants


  1. Can be completed in a weeks time so that one doesnt go through the process of waiting for 3-6 months to get the fianl crowns and the work completed if bone condition is good.

  2. No need to fly back second time for overseas patients.

  3. Life time warranty of the dental implant.

  4. Unique TI-UNITE surface.

  5. Free treatment by Nobel Biocare dentists in any part of the world in case something needs tobe taken care of later on.

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