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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

When decay occurs below the gum line, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of bone and gum tissue. Your dentist may ask for this procedure before he or she makes a new crown for your tooth.

If the front teeth are too short or of uneven length, crown lengthening might be indicated. Reshaping the gum and supporting tissues will allow your general dentist adequate room to place a quality final restoration.

Also, when a tooth requires restoration with a filling material or a crown, the dentist must have adequate access to remaining tooth structure. It is a common occurrence that the dentist will not have adequate tooth structure to attach the restoration, and preserve favorable gum tissue health. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure which adjusts the gum and bone level to expose more of the tooth so it can be restored.

Crown Lengthening and Restorative Dentistry

Crown lengthening is used to correct what's commonly referred to as a "gummy smile."  A gummy smile is apparent when the gum line appears to be creeping down over the teeth, making them appear short.

To correct a gummy smile, it is necessary to remove excess gum tissue, therefore allowing more of the natural tooth surface to appear.

The benefits of crown lengthening is important for the overall strength of the final crown, and provides for better health, comfort, and function. With periodontal gum health, one will be able to smile, eat, and speak with comfort and confidence.

For more information about crown lengthening, click on the link below to view a video from the American Dental Association. ADA Video on Crown Lengthening

If you are looking for crown lengthening please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Crown Lengthening and Cosmetic Treatment


Before Crown Lengthening, necessary tooth structure is below gum tissue and not accessible


After Crown Lengthening, necessary tooth structure is above gum disease.

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