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Cosmetic Dentist

How to Choose Your Cosmetic Dentist

You may find choosing your cosmetic dentist a challenging endeavor with so many factors to consider. Some research is necessary to make sure you choose the right cosmetic dentist for you, with the right experience, who also has a great chair-side manner.

Not all cosmetic dentists are created equal. Many cosmetic dentists take a traditional dental approach and consider only the teeth with problems and their surrounding areas, rather than your entire mouth. Dr. Anshu’s focus is your entire smile, the way your jaws work together, and the overall aesthetics of your teeth. Rather than treating one small problem area only to create another in a different part of your mouth, we focus on full-mouth treatment. By taking your whole mouth into account, your new smile will look and feel natural, and last for longer than piecemeal dentistry.

  • Level of experience, especially in full-mouth reconstruction

  • Length of time in practice

  • Continuing education and training

  • Ability to communicate

  • Honest, caring approach

  • Artistic eye for what an aesthetically pleasing smile looks like

  • Associations to which the cosmetic dentist belongs, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Extent of the practice, including any on-site technology available such as digital Implant Planning

  • Before-and-after photos

  • References or testimonials

  • Which lab is used and its reputation

  • Professional follow-up products offered for treatments, such as tooth whitening

  • Experience, friendliness, and knowledge of staff members

  • Financing options

Please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry today to schedule your consultation. Bring your questions, so Dr. Anshu can clearly address your interests and concerns. She will also make suggestions and explain the best cosmetic dentistry options for you.

When choosing a cosmetic dentist, you should consider:

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