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Benefits at OUR CLINIC

Benefits at Advanced Dental Care Center

A warm welcome and high quality dental procedures at modern and state of the art dental centre.

Expert and experienced panel of dentists, from every dental speciality, to provide all dental solutions under one roof

Best value for money as the fee structure has been designed to provide the best dental care using the latest materials and techniques at very economical prices.

Warranty on dental treatments wherever possible.

A thorough and professional consultation session with special emphasis on patient education so that you get a clear picture of your dental requirement.

Ultra hygienic dental care. High standards of sterilization and use of disposable products wherever possible.

All support staff like receptionists and assistants have received special training to enable them to extend maximum hospitality and comfort to our clients.

Numerous international clients have visited us and have been thoroughly satisfied.

For your convenience we offer Zoom Advanced Power WhiteningCosmetic DentistryDental Implants , Bioesthetic Dentistry, TMJ Treatment, Full Mouth Reconstruction, General Dentistry and much more!

When you need expert dental care, in whose caring hands will you trust?

Six Tips On How To Choosea Dentist That’s Right For You!

Are you shopping smarter now?  There is no need to lower your standards of quality or go without a warm sense of feeling valued as a patient.  Value is incredibly important in getting the products and service you need and want in today’s economy. Read below to discover how we have helped hundreds of patients just like you cut through all the dental marketing hype to find a dental home where you feel a warm welcome, friendly faces and expert care!

At some time or another you will be faced with looking for a new dentist. Like most people you want to find a dentist that you can trust, who will care for you and your family and has your best interests in mind.  Since this is an important decision in your life, we have decided to give you “The Inside Scoop On How to Choose a Dentist That’s Right For You!” to help guide you to the right dentist. I have seen so many people in pain and suffer mentally and financially throughout my years in practice simply because of poor dental work. Most people don’t know how to go about selecting a dentist, or even realize the problems that can occur if you don’t choose wisely. Together, we are not going to let that happen to you.

Tip#1: Ask for recommendations.

Tip#2: Check the doctor’s license and credentials.  It may sound simplistic but check for license status and if any disciplinary action has been taken against that dentist.  Credentials are huge in dentistry! Make sure your dentist is a member in the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and American Dental Association (ADA) .  This credential alone is worth its weight in gold as you know that a “Fellowed” dentist is committed to lifelong learning and staying current with the latest treatment techniques to keep you comfortable and safe.

Tip#3: Not asking for verification of diagnosis.  It is critical that you find a dentist that has digital x-rays that you can see on the computer screen.  Most dentists with integrity will show you you’re x-rays but sometimes, even better, a great dentist will show you an intra-oral camera picture of your teeth so you will know exactly what the doctor sees in your mouth.  Seeing this opens great communication about your condition, your options and allows you to be a part of deciding your dental treatment!

Tip#4: Visit the office or take advantage of a free consultation! Come visit or better yet take advantage of a free consultation. Look for a courteous staff and doctor that listens and takes the time to answer your questions.

Tip#5: Ask the right questions.  This is a big one since most patients don’t know the critical questions to ask!  Ask about infection control! (Especially with the COVID spreading)  Does the office follow the recently updated CDC guidelines?  Do they participate in a program to monthly monitor the effectiveness of their sterilizers?  Ask about staff training!  Are the dental assistants and hygienist current with CPR, and x-ray technique?  Does the office make every effort to be up front and answer your questions regarding scheduling and billing?

Tip#6: Observe the chair side manner of the doctor/hygienist. Does your doctor/hygienist take time to listen to you, make eye contact and have a sympathetic, caring manner? What about personality? Going to the dentist is stressful enough; you want someone who is warm, friendly, has a great sense of humor and that puts you at ease! You want an office you can connect with and feel at home.

Now that we have given you the insider information on how to find the right dentist for you and your family, it is time for you to take action. Please don’t delay dental care! We want you to be healthy, happy about your smile and pain free for life! 

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