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IPS Empress EMax

Porcelain Veneers - IPS Empress EMax

This young female patient came to us from Poland and she was not happy with her smile.

We took her clinical records including her photographs, study models , full mouth IOPA x-rays and OPG. We found that the patient had congenitally missing permanent upper lateral incisors on both sides. Her permanent canines had moved into the space of her permanent missing lateral incisors and she had retained primary canines.

When the patient smiled, the smile was very uneven and did not look like a mature adult smile. Her gums also showed while she smiled.

After her treatmenent planning, we first performed laser crown lengthening procedure and laser gum lift procedure. Then we reshaped her front teeth using porcelain veneers in IPS EMPRESS EMAX from upper second premolar on one side to the upper second premolar on the opposite side.

Here are the before and after treatment pictures of the patient with her new smile.

Laser Crown Lengthening | Laser Gum Lift

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