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Health Line - Part 1

Health Line - Part 2

Dental Implants FAQ

Teeth on Edge

Dental Sealants for Children

Wisdom Teeth

Dental Myths

Weight loss and dental health

Sparkling Smile

Tighten The Grip

A perfect Set

Say Cheese

Smile Please

Brace Yourself

Tooth Trouble

Mere Wala White

No pain No Gain

Keep Smiling

Dr. Anshu's Cosmetic Dentistry was recently featured on Day & Night News "Health Line" Show.

To watch video clips from recent TV appearences, or to read articles, please select an item from the menu on the right.

Sensitive Teeth

Loosening of teeth

Food habits and dental health of children Dental decay in children Teeth whitening safety How to select dental braces for orthrodontic treatment Inflamation of gums and prevention Talks about teeth whitening procedures Dental implants and their advantages Prevent plaque and maintain gum health

Dental Implants FAQ

Provides an overview of dental sealants for children Talks about wisdom teeth and related problems Talks about dental myths and how to avoid them Discusses how dieting and sudden weight loss can impact your dental health How to take care of your teeth

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