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Even with an excellent oral hygiene routine and a good control of all the years the best cosmetic dentist near you in Chandigarh, it is possible that your teeth are yellow.

Yellow teeth in Chandigarh may have become the horror for some people in Chandigarh but what are the solutions to treat yellow teeth in Chandigarh?

It's important to know that the yellowing of your teeth in Chandigarh can come from several things.

Teeth in Chandigarh can turn yellow as a result of our consumption of tobacco, coffee, certain foods... but it can also be due to internal factors, such as the taking of certain drugs or age.

And for these two cases, cure the yellowing will not occur the same way.

It is therefore advisable to visit your chandigarh dentist to enquire about the origin of the discolouration of your teeth, as well as the best treatment for the cure.

But before that, we offer you a small guide on the yellowing of the teeth in Chandigarh so that you know a little bit more.

Why our teeth turn yellow in Chandigarh, do they ?

A lot of people will suffer in their life this problem of yellow teeth. However, it is necessary to distinguish between the two types of stains that may occur.

The staining if teeth in Chandigarh is intrinsic :

it does unfortunately mean that your teeth are naturally yellow.

The staining of teeth in Chandigarh is extrinsic

: this is usually due to a change of the external face of the tooth, mainly enamel and dentin.

This is the type of yellowing if teeth in Chandigarh is the least common, fortunately, because it is the one that is the most difficult to treat. It is often linked to a medical condition or taking medication.

But it can also be due to genetics. In fact, the color of the teeth to a small proportion of genetic.

Finally, the yellowing of the teeth in Chandigarh may be due to the fact that we see more of the dentin, and this is often the cause of teeth mineralised.

If you had the teeth a little yellow as a child, this is often intrinsic.

The yellowing external teeth

Generally, the teeth yellowing in Chandigarh in contact with the products of our daily life. And this is heightened when your dental hygiene is not perfect.

In fact, some of the particles of coffee, tea, beets... gets stuck in the small pores of our enamel and causes a yellowing of our teeth. Among the other causes of the yellowing of our teeth in Chandigarh is the tobacco.

The bacteria and fungi present in our mouth can yellow our teeth. With a coloration that can go up to the green, orange, black see !

What to do treat the yellow teeth in Chandigarh ?

If your yellowing of teeth in Chandigarh is extrinsic, the first thing to do is to remove all substances that stain and yellow your teeth, that is to say, the coffee, the tobacco and all foods that yellow or stain the teeth. Then you will be able to lean on the whitening treatments deeper.

If you are not aware, it is now possible to whiten teeth at the chandigarh dentist, as always, but also directly at home.

The bleaching at the dentist's that worth really ?

There are three types of teeth whitening in Chandigarh at the dentist :

Outpatient treatment : The first step is to realize a splint on your teeth. The cosmetic dentist in Chandigarh will provide you with syringes containing the whitening product, usually hydrogen peroxide.

You should then apply it on the tray and place it on your teeth for a few hours every day. And this for about 8 to 15 days.

The treatment "chair" : made from A to Z to the dentist in Chandigarh, you will have nothing to do. The cosmetic dentist in Chandigarh protects your gums and applies the whitening product, the more rich in hydrogen peroxide that we can find on the market for about 1h.

The mixed processing : This is a technique that combines outpatient treatment, so the wearing of a splint, and the treatment the dentist.

The advantages of these types of teeth whitening in Chandigarh is the fact that they are very satisfactory. The lightening is amazing and lasts a long time, but this will only be possible if you keep a good dental hygiene.

We can understand that some people do not have the budget to accomplish the whitening at the cosmetic dentist in Chandigarh. This is why we offer you alternatives, the whitening kits to do directly from home.

What are the contraindications to perform a teeth whitening in Chandigarh?

It is very important to visit your dentist in order to make a point before you start any whitening treatment. Verify the absence of caries and gum disease is a crucial step in a dental whitening.

Because if one of these two problems is present, the implementation of a money laundering could lead to bigger problems such as inflammation of the gums.

It is also very bad practice to perform these treatments on children and adolescents who do not yet have all of their dental tissues mature. Do not perform on pregnant and lactating women.

Finally, if you have no natural teeth, remember that whitening of will work, unfortunately not for you.

How to keep his teeth white as long as possible ?

To keep white teeth, whether natural or the result of a dental whitening, you need to :

Limit your consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco and any other food that could stain your teeth.

Keep very good dental hygiene when brushing the teeth after each meal.

Go see your dentist on a fairly regular basis for teeth cleaning and scaling.

You can call ☎️ us at 9855123234 to schedule your dental appointment with us. Our team of top cosmetic dentists in Chandigarh and best smile design dentists in Chandigarh will address all your dental concerns and provide you with the optimal solution.

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