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A chipped tooth occurs because of some sort of trauma, such as fall or blow to the mouth. It can also occur because of biting down on a substance that is too hard.

Treatment options for treating chipped tooth in Chandigarh include:

1️⃣Bonding or filling in Chandigarh

Small chipped teeth can be restored with filling or bonding procedures with composite restorative materials. However, it is applicable only for a minor chip or crack on the tooth surface.

2️⃣Tooth reattachment in Chandigarh

If the portion of the tooth that chipped away is saved by the patient you can take that to your dentist and it can be re-cemented back to its position with composite filling material.

3️⃣Crowns in Chandigarh

If a large portion of the tooth is broken, or the tooth is severely damaged, a crown may be an option to repair the damage.

4️⃣Root canal procedure in Chandigarh

If the chipped part is so large that it exposes the pulp of the tooth then a root canal treatment procedure is indicated. A tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure is weaker than others to strengthen it, you may need a crown as a follow up procedure.

5️⃣ONLAY in chandigarh

Onlay is a filling that extends over a portion of the tooth surface. The dentist may have to take an impression of your teeth to send to the lab to fabricate an onlay.

6️⃣VENEER in Chandigarh

It is the most appropriate treatment, if you have only a minor chip in a front tooth. Rather than repairing the chip veneer will cover it up.

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