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Losing a tooth can be a difficult experience for anyone. There are concerns over the ability to talk and eat properly. Most importantly, a person may be concerned with their appearance after the tooth is removed. Fortunately, there are options to replace a single lost tooth in Chandigarh that can provide benefits for eating, speaking, and even improving the person’s appearance. There are two options for replacing a missing tooth in Chandigarh. One could choose a fixed bridge to replace a missing tooth in Chandigarh or single tooth dental implants Chandigarh.

Fixed bridge in Chandigarh to replace missing tooth

A fixed bridge in Chandigarh is a prosthetic tooth that is attached to the two surrounding teeth. A dentist in Chandigarh will cut down the two surrounding healthy teeth to support the bridge that will be cemented onto them. The prosthetic tooth will be attached to this bridge and held in place by the two side teeth. This allows for a patient to continue eating and speaking as normal. It is also hard to notice this correction so that a patient can be confident in their smile after the bridge is placed.

Unfortunately, this process does require damaging otherwise healthy teeth. This can increase the risk of these teeth becoming decayed or having issues.

In addition, since the tooth is no longer anchored in the jawbone, it can begin to resorb. This means that the jawbone will begin to deteriorate and can pose issues for the patient.

An alternative to this process is the single tooth dental implants Chandigarh.

What is single tooth dental implant treatment procedure in Chandigarh?

The single tooth dental implants In Chandigarh is an option that can save the jawbone and surrounding teeth from damage. The dental implant anchor in Chandigarh is surgically placed in the jawbone to provide the support for the tooth. A prosthetic tooth is then affixed to the implant after it has healed. Since the dental implant is placed directly into the jawbone, it prevents deterioration. In addition, the single tooth dental implants in Chandigarh do not require damaging healthy teeth to be placed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants in Chandigarh. A patient must have healthy gums and be free of gum disease or a receding gum line. They must also have enough jawbone to hold the implant in place. The dental care provider in Chandigarh will thoroughly examine each candidate to ensure that they are able to receive an dental implant. For some patients, there may be treatments available to help with the gum and jaw to allow them to an implant.

The dental implant process for replacing a single missing tooth in Chandigarh

After the patient is determined that they are a candidate for single tooth dental implants Chandigarh, they will be scheduled for surgery. During the procedure, the gum will be cut open to expose the jawbone. A hole will then be drilled into the bone for the implant. The anchor will then be inserted into the hole and the gum tissue will be sutured over the anchor. After the jawbone heals and has fused with the anchor, an abutment will be placed. This is a device that is installed on top of the anchor and extends beyond the gum line. In some cases, the abutment can be placed with the anchor, but will have an exposed area that may require a healing cap until the healing process is complete.

After the anchor and abutment have been placed and thoroughly healed, a prosthetic tooth will be attached to the abutment. This is a permanent crown designed to match the remaining teeth.

Once the dental implants procedure for Chandigarh is complete, it is important to follow all care instructions given by the dental implants specialist in Chandigarh.

The single tooth dental implants Chandigarh are designed to last a lifetime.

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Some of the dental treatment procedures offered by Advanced Dental Care Center in Chandigarh are :

1. Single visit Root canal treatment   

2.Laser dentistry

4.Cosmetic Dentistry

5. Cosmetic Fillings

6.Metal free Crowns

7. Porcelain Veneers

8.Teeth whitening

9.Invisalign braces treatment for travelling patients

10.Wisdom teeth Extractions

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