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A chipped tooth is a portal to tooth decay. When the tooth chips a part of it, the enamel layer becomes weak. The chipped portion of the tooth is now an entry point for bacteria. If the chip is larger, the interior part of the tooth becomes open. The dentin and the pulp are exposed. Once the bacteria reach these parts of the tooth, the infection spreads rapidly. Due to involvement of dentin layer, tooth sensitivity results. Once dentin is involved, there is progression towards the pulp. A damaged tooth causes pulp to become swollen and irritated. As a result, there is build up of pressure and pain inside the tooth. An increase in pressure and inflammation results in formation of abscess at the bottom of the tooth. An abscess tooth needs treatment before the infection reaches the jaw, neck and head. If the damaged tooth is the root cause of abscess, it must be extracted.

Dangers of ignoring a chipped tooth :

Complications associated with chipped tooth include

  1. pressure sensitivity and sharp and jagged margins of the tooth. As a result there is risk for the soft tissues to get cut.

  2. The chipped tooth can also lead to tooth breakage. Any amount of pressure can cause it to shatter or break.

  3. There can be temperature sensitivity in the teeth. There is sensitivity to hot and cold foods, which cause sharp, shooting pain. Early treatment of chipped tooth can prevent infections and other problems such as breakage of the tooth and teeth sensitivity..

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