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Toothpaste is a staple of bathroom cabinets all over the world. It's an important part of any oral care routine and helps to keep teeth strong and healthy and breath minty fresh!

It didn't always taste as good as the various mint flavours available nowadays

Here's a look at some of the more bizarre things people have used as toothpaste over time.

1. 5000BC – powdered egg shells, ox hooves and pumice

No one knows exactly what was first used to clean teeth, but evidence shows that the Egyptians whipped up a dental cream by mixing powdered egg shells, pumice, ox hooves and water.

2. 500BC – crushed bones and oyster shells

In Greece and Rome, people used to use abrasives made from crushed bone and shells to clean their teeth.

3. 1780 – burnt bread

Yes, you read that right. People used to use charcoaled bread to scrub away at their teeth.

4. 1800s – soap and chalk

Toothpaste innovation stalled for several centuries till 1824, when a dentist added soap to the mix. Around the 1850s, chalk was thrown in.

5. 1873 – Colgate launches the first mass-produced toothpaste

Colgate originally sold toothpaste in a jar, with the collapsible tube coming along in 1892. Then in 1914 fluoride was discovered to reduce cavities and was introduced to toothpastes. The rest, as they say, is history.

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