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Dental Implants Procedure Time Requirements

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We need one appointment for the procedure of placement of implants. We place all the implants in the same appointment. Afterwards, the final teeth can be placed either immediately or after a wait of 10-12 weeks.

This decision depends upon the clinical and radiographic assessment of the bone condition, the area of mouth where the implants are to be placed and the general medical history of the patient.

Generally, if we decide to go for the immediate loading implants, we can finish all the procedures in a week’s time. Otherwise, the patient needs to return for a follow-up visit for the placement of final teeth. This time for the second visit is at minimum 8-10 weeks time but can be after 3 months, 6 months or one year or longer depending upon the patient’s convenience.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Dental implants can last more than thirty years if properly maintained. This requires good cleaning skills to be learned by the patient.

We Offer Lifetime Warranty on Nobel Biocare Dental Implants


  1. Can be completed in a weeks time so that one doesnt go through the process of waiting for 3-6 months to get the fianl crowns and the work completed if bone condition is good.

  2. No need to fly back second time for overseas patients.

  3. Life time warranty of the dental implant.

  4. Unique TI-UNITE surface.

  5. Free treatment by Nobel Biocare dentists in any part of the world in case something needs tobe taken care of later on.

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